Jerry Jones, DeAngelo Hall blame Seahawks for new defensive rule

Jerry Jones blames the Seahawks for the uptick in penalties.
Jerry Jones blames the Seahawks for the uptick in penalties. (USATSI)

You could be irrational and blame the officials for the NFL's new rule on defensive holding. Or you could be sane and blame the NFL for rules.

Or you could be Jerry Jones and just blame the Seahawks.

"A team like Seattle, who basically played a style that would risk a holding penalty as opposed to not having an aggressive defender back there," Jones said. "That got a lot of complaints, and you're seeing it [called] during the preseason."

Stephen Jones, son of Jerry, is on the NFL Competition Committee, so there's a chance of real insight here (perhaps insight that wasn't supposed to leak out?). 

But Jones isn't alone in this opinion: Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall (he of the most ridiculous Twitter beef ever with Richard Sherman) who thinks everyone else has to "pay the consequences" of Seattle aggressively playing defense.

Victors don't just get the spoils sometimes. They also get the blame for stuff from folks who didn't manage to make the playoffs.

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