The most outspoken NFL owner in the league this offseason about the national anthem policy -- and dating back to last year, really -- has been Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Jerry's made no bones about it: he wants his players on the field and standing at full attention for the playing of the "Star Spangled Banner." 

His comments about how his players should operate during the anthem are what made his wearing a hat during the anthem being played at training camp so surprising. It appeared during the anthem Jerry's son Stephen was trying to tell him to take off the hat (or at least remind him he was wearing it), but Jones appeared uninterested in taking off his cap. 

Jones received plenty of criticism over the situation given his previous stance on players honoring the flag and anthem, but declined to comment when asked about wearing a hat during a recent media scrum. 

"No," Jones said. "No, no." 

Not only was Jerry Jones wearing a hat during the national anthem, but he was also talking to his son.  Screengrab via

Jerry is technically allowed to do what he wants in this regard, although as colleague John Breech noted previously, the U.S. Code asks that you remove your hat before the anthem is played.

The younger Jones hinted, in the wake of Jerry's comments about everyone standing, that players could potentially even be released should they decide to sit for the anthem.

Here's the reality: people with less consequences to deal with have more leeway when it comes to these matters. Both Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have separately said they plan on continuing to stand for the anthem, but it would be ludicrous to suggest or believe either of those players might be released for deciding to take a knee during the anthem. 

Likewise, Jones is the owner of the team. It might seem unfair if he's held to a different standard, but the reality is he has no one to answer to other than his fanbase. 

Oddly enough, it was Jones who took a knee with the Cowboys last season before the Cardinals-Cowboys game in a show of support for NFL players.