Things have finally calmed down with the Ezekiel Elliott holdout situation after the Dallas Cowboys running back and the team agreed to a six-year, $90 million extension with $50 million guaranteed. Zeke returned to Dallas and is now expected to play with the team in the season opener on Sunday vs. the New York GIants, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is already joking about the whole ordeal. 

In a press conference on Thursday, Jones said he wanted to present the now highest-paid running back with the jersey he wants him to wear, and stood up to reveal a t-shirt that said "Zeke Who?" on the front and "That's who" on the back with an image of Elliott jumping over a defender on the back.

During the Elliott-holdout saga, Jones chose humor to answer many of the questions he was asked regarding when the star RB would be back on the field. After a preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams where running back Tony Pollard stood on out on the field, he was asked if Pollard was his best negotiation tool to get Zeke back. In true Jerry Jones fashion, he answered with a sarcastic, "Who? Zeke who?" He then added in what seemed like a message to Elliott saying, "We're having some fun, not at your expense."

Some people found Jones' comments dramatic or out of line, but he later said, "I've earned the right with Zeke, to joke. Period," and returning Cowboys tight end Jason Witten agreed there it was all in good fun and said after in a tweet, "There's nobody that loves Ezekiel Elliot more than Jerry Jones does."

The phrase clearly stuck, and with the season approaching and a deal not yet being done, many people started to wonder if the Cowboys would take a "Zeke Who" approach in their negotiations and start the season without the Pro Bowler, but now with the drama over, everyone is looking back and laughing. 

Elliott clearly took the whole thing lightly as well, and after receiving the shirt said to Jones, "I was thinking about doing the same thing," getting laughs from the room. All seems well now that the Cowboys have what they believe is the piece to their Super Bowl puzzle back and Elliott has the contract he wanted. 

The Cowboys are selling the t-shirt, and tweeted that all proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army.