Jerry Jones has brain of young man, knows more now than 25 years ago

Not to worry, Cowboys fans, Jerry Jones has the brain of a 40-year-old. (USATSI)
Great news for Cowboys fans who think owner, general manager and hip-hop artist Jerry Jones is exactly what the team needs to get back to its Super Bowl-winning ways.

Jones reiterated last season that he has no plans to relinquish his GM duties and that hasn't changed. In fact, Jones, who will turn 71 in October, insists that he's as mentally sharp as ever.

“I’ve been told that I have, by CAT Scans, that it’s like the brain of a 40-year-old,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “…The guy really did not know it was me. I was there anonymously. He said, ‘And so I just wanted to come down. I saw your chart. I know how old you are. That part is really impressive.’”

There's more good news.

“I know more about what I’m doing than hopefully I did 25 years ago,” said Jones, who bought the Cowboys in 1989.

In general, this is wonderful news -- except that former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, who led Dallas to two Super Bowl titles in the late 1980s and early '90s, set the record straight last November on why those teams were successful: Because, as Johnson explained, "…Had complete and total responsibility over the football operation -- that meant personnel, the draft, coaches, including the strength coach. Everything. It was always in my contract."

Not to worry, though; Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones -- and Jerry's son -- revealed this week that there's a "secret sauce to put this thing back together again and win championships."

Alrighty then.

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