The Cowboys and Dak Prescott finally came to terms on a contract extension that has essentially been two years in the making earlier this week. This historic deal keeps the quarterback in Dallas for the next four years and will pay him $160 million. The contract has a max value of $164 million and includes $126 million in guaranteed money along with a $66 million signing bonus. Given those figures, it's safe to say that Jerry Jones is opening up his wallet to a rather significant degree even for his standards. That said, the Cowboys owner's hand won't exactly be shaking as he puts pen to paper on Prescott's check. 

During Wednesday's press conference to officially bask in getting this contract done, Jones was pretty emphatic that he has no regrets about this massive deal that makes Prescott the second highest-paid player (in terms of total value) in NFL history. 

"When I bought the Cowboys, apart from a lot of other things that were being said, it was very commonly said of how idiot I was for paying what I paid for the Cowboys," Jones said, via NFL.com. "And that's not an exaggeration, that's firmly there. Well, I really got screwed, I ended up with the Dallas Cowboys.

"The truth is most anything that I've ever been involved in that ended up being special, I overpaid for, every time, to the end. Anytime I've tried to get a bargain, I got just that, it was a bargain in a lot of ways and not up to standard. And so, the other thing, that our process of getting here from Dak's rookie deal, I knew that Dak wanted to be here and really no place else. I knew that and I think Dak knew how good he fit here, although I can understand his apprehension. This was not a test of some sort of 'can Dak handle it?' or something like that, that wasn't the case at all."

As CBS Sports Cowboys Insider Patrik Walker has reported, Jones proved to be a key figure during the final leg of negotiations between the Cowboys brass and Prescott's camp. He bridged the gap between both sides and ultimately was able to get talks over the hurdle for Dallas to solidify their quarterback situation and to make Prescott a very rich man. 

While this deal took quite a long time to ultimately come together, the 27-year-old quarterback said "there was never a slight doubt in my mind that I wouldn't wear the Star for the rest of my life."

With the contract talks now a thing of the past, Prescott can focus on his continued recovery from that gruesome ankle injury that knocked him out for the bulk of the 2020 season. As it relates to that recovery process, Prescott added that he'll be ready when it matters and he'll "be more than healthy and better than I was before."

If that proves to be the case, he'll be worth every penny to Dallas.