Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday morning the team is still evaluating quarterback Tony Romo's back injury, although his status for Week 9 against the Cardinals remains up in the air.

Jones said there is nothing medical that could keep Romo sidelined, but his availability will be based on pain tolerance.

"At this time we have nothing medically that would prevent him from playing," Jones said with Shan & RJ on 105.3 The Fan. "This is a function of pain tolerance, but it’s a serious issue that you could look at people who have had a similar type contusion, or injury, and they haven’t played the next week. That would cause you some concern about him playing."

Jones added the team might not know Romo's status until kickoff Sunday. Jones also said the injury is unrelated to the back surgery Romo underwent last December.

"It is not at this juncture in anyway a season-ending injury. But it is one that raises the question whether he can tolerate a certain amount of pain in that area," Jones said.

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