Jerry Jones is backpedaling faster than a dusty tumbleweed stuck in front of a Texas-sized industrial fan. Just a few weeks ago Jones was adamant the Cowboys were Tony Romo's football team and Romo would be the quarterback when he returned.

It sure doesn't sound that way now, with Jones telling CBS Sports Radio affiliate 105.3 the Fan in Dallas there "is no time frame" for Romo's return.

To be clear: Jones is being positive about the whole thing and is probably thrilled he's got two quarterbacks who can play at a high level on his roster. But ...

"No. We've got to get Romo in a situation so that it is a situational decision. I don't use the word 'problem' in this conversation. This is a great situation," Jones said. "And to be sitting there with the team coming on the way that it is, both sides of the ball, with it improving like it is, then to have Romo with his ability sitting there healthy, ready to play and have Dak Prescott playing at the level he's playing with the future standing there motivating us, all of it is a great situation. I don't have a time frame. There is no time frame."

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported a little over a week ago that there's "zero chance" the Cowboys start Dak over a healthy Romo. Jones then gave the same vote of confidence on Romo when he said the Cowboys would go with the incumbent. Even Dak said the Cowboys were Romo's team.

But recently Jerry kind of backed off that stance a little bit, acknowledging he might be willing to go with Dak as the starter moving forward.

And now there's just no time frame? The Cowboys aren't even thinking about it? It makes sense to let Romo get as healthy as he possibly can. And messing with the 5-1 mojo Dallas created heading into the bye doesn't make sense.

But it's also possible Jerry looks at this and sees a situation similar to the 2001 Patriots, when they dealt with Tom Brady replacing Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe got Wally Pipp'd and Brady never looked back.

Interpret that however you want. It could be good for Romo or it could be good for Dak. You can read a lot into it.

The bottom line is if the Cowboys keep on winning, Jerry is going to have a really difficult time yanking Prescott out of the starting lineup.