On Thursday night the Rams put on a show with their offense, lighting up the Los Angeles sky with an explosion of points against a Vikings defense we all believed was very good en route to a 38-31 win

Every other team in the NFL would love to copy what the Rams are doing with Sean McVay and Jared Goff, the latter of whom ended up throwing for 465 yards and five touchdowns on 33 attempts, on offense. Goff's Next Gen Stats passing chart looked like a battle you might see out of "Star Wars." 

At least one team -- or one team's owner anyway -- believes it currently can replicate what the Rams did on offense. I could give you 31 guesses as to who it is, but you probably only need one of them. Of course it's Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, who appeared on 105.3 the Fan in Dallas, a CBS Sports Radio affiliate, and said basically, "They had Tavon Austin now we have Tavon Austin so we can do what the Rams are doing."

That's simplifying it a bit, but Jerry's comments are still just the most ridiculous thing you will see all day: 

Of course this is a reach. The Rams are the No. 2 offense in football (behind only the Chiefs) and have a top-10 team in terms of rushing and passing. The Cowboys, at their absolute peak in 2016 when Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott were dominating as rookies, were only in the top half of passing statistics in a single category (touchdowns, where they ranked 14th).

That Dallas team could roll up yards on the ground, and it was a very efficient offensive team, but at no point were the Cowboys operating like the Rams in terms of having lethal, speedy wide receivers run wide open with a triggerman like Goff whipping the ball into tight windows. 

And we're not talking "a Dallas problem," per se, here. There are lots of teams that wish they could be as explosive offensively as the Rams. But for the sake of at least extending Jerry's claim out, let's go through some of the ways these offenses are similar:

1. They have quarterbacks from the 2016 NFL Draft on their rosters.
2. They have quarterbacks. 
3. They both play in the NFL.
4. Tavon Austin has been on their rosters recently. 
5. They both have top five running backs.
6. They both attempt to score points.
7. They both put 11 men on the field.
8. The Cowboys offensive coordinator used to be the Rams head coach. 
9. Both teams are in the NFC. 
10. Both teams are owned by billionaires. 
11. Both teams play football.

Now, all of those aren't even really similarities, per se, but they are much closer to reality than whatever Jones decided to say about the Rams and their explosive offense. 

For Dallas to turn into the Rams, it's going to need better weapons in the passing game and a more aggressive philosophy. Goff has taken massive steps in the last two years under McVay's tutelage, whereas it's not at all a stretch to say Dak Prescott's regressed since his rookie year under Jason Garrett's watch. 

You can't blame Garrett for everything, of course; some of the blame lies at the guy building the roster around him. 

But the Cowboys are much further from the Rams than just a tangential connection via Tavon Austin. The fact that Jerry Jones can't recognize that could ultimately spell trouble for everyone in the building.