Jerry Jones reportedly requests a special NFL owners meeting to discuss Goodell

It doesn't look like the feud between Jerry Jones and the NFL is going to be ending anytime soon. One day after the league accused Jones of "conduct detrimental to the league's best interests" for his aggressive behavior towards Roger Goodell, Jones has responded by trying to call an emergency meeting of the NFL's 32 owners. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Jones sent a letter to his fellow owners on Thursday where he requested they hold "a special league meeting" so the group could discuss Goodell's proposed contract extension. 

The WSJ also added that the owners on the compensation committee have already denied Jones' request for a meeting, which he had hoped would held on November 28. Instead, the owners are going to allow Jones to discuss Goodell's proposed contract extension at a previously planned league meeting that's scheduled for December 13. 

The feud between Jones and the NFL seemed to get uglier this week after it became clear that Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was going to have to serve his six-game suspension. Elliott was suspended on Aug. 11, but was able to play this season after succeeding with a variety of appeals. However, when it became clear he was facing an uphill battle to win his case, Elliott decided to accept the entire suspension on November 15

Over the past few weeks, Jones has basically made it his mission in life to thwart Goodell's contract extension. Jones' push to stop the extension started on October 26 when he took over a conference call with his fellow owners and asked them to halt the extension even though the league had already voted on the issue. Back in May, all 32 owners, including Jones, voted to authorize the compensation committee to move forward with negotiations. 

In his letter from Thursday, Jones offered his most scathing remarks of Goodell yet, writing that the NFL "has undergone unprecedented upheaval in the last two years, including a significant decline in television ratings, increased advertiser discontent, high-profile litigation concerning player suspensions, and decreasing ticket sales," which have all come under Goodell's watch. 

Basically, Jones' argument is that now is not the time to do an extension for Goodell, whose current contract runs through the 2018 season

 "This is not the time for the League to undertake massive contractual obligations which are inconsistent with the League's performance," Jones wrote. 

The feud between Jones and the NFL has gotten so ugly that several owners feel he's giving the league a black eye and they're now reportedly looking at a nuclear option that would basically involve taking the Cowboys away from Jones. However, Jones doesn't think that's going to happen because he believes that more than half the owners in the NFL are on his side when it comes to nixing Goodell's extension

"I speak to a lot of owners, a lot of owners, and I know them to be really supportive of the idea of being able to, on their part, see what and guide and give input to the committee, in particular the chairman, and I have well over half this league that is very interested, not only being a part of what is negotiated, but having it come back to them for approval," Jones said Tuesday during his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan, a CBS Sports Radio station in Dallas

Jones has also responded to threats from the NFL with a threat of his own: Earlier this week, the Cowboys owner sent a letter to the NFL where he threatened to sue the league over Goodell's contract. 

By pure coincidence, the league's special meeting on Dec. 13 is being held in Jones' backyard of Irving, Texas. With the owners refusing to listen to Jones until that, that's the date you'll want to keep an eye on for any potential fireworks in this situation. 

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