Jerry Jones reveals that several NFL owners once asked him to sell the Cowboys and here's why

After watching Jerry Jones buy the Cowboys for $150 million and then turn them into the world's most valuable sports franchise, it appears that multiple NFL owners wanted Jones to work his magic again in Los Angeles.

After the Raiders and Rams left L.A. following the 1994 season, the NFL spent nearly 20 years trying to figure out how to get a team back into nation's second biggest television market, and apparently, one of those plans involved Jones. 

During an interview this week with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Jones revealed that multiple NFL owners wanted him to lead the league's return to Los Angeles. Apparently, the plan was simple: Jones would sell the Cowboys and then be given an expansion team in L.A. 

"Several years back, I was approached by several owners that asked if I would consider selling the team, and the team being a more elite team and I take Los Angeles and build Los Angeles," Jones said, via Pro Football Talk. 

Jones didn't give an exact timeline on when all of this was supposed to happen, but it probably went down somewhere between 2003 and 2010. The reason it probably wasn't before that is because L.A. was almost named an expansion city without Jones. The city was conditionally awarded a team in 1999, but Houston ended up getting the expansion team instead when L.A. couldn't meet the conditions for a new stadium. 

Although Los Angeles could have been a lucrative market for Jones, it seems that he didn't want to start building a team from scratch when he already had the Cowboys. 

"[Los Angeles] was not interesting for me, first of all, from a standpoint of where you are. I could go out and spend my lifetime building a new franchise in a market like Los Angeles and still be 50, 60 years behind the Dallas Cowboys who are out in front," Jones said. "So that didn't make any sense. But I was born in Los Angeles. That is an attractive part of the world out there. But there is no place, no place is like our area for football and sport."

In the end, Jones didn't sell the Cowboys and move to the West Coast, but he did end up brokering the deal that ended with the Rams leaving St. Louis and moving to L.A. In January 2016, the NFL was considering two plans for Los Angeles: The Rams' plan and the Chargers-Raiders plan, which called for a stadium in Carson, Calif. 

Jones ended up convincing the NFL's 32 owners that the Rams' plan made more sense and they voted 30-2 to pass it, which allowed the Rams to move to Los Angeles starting in 2016. 

One thing that's pretty clear about the situation is that Jones definitely has zero regrets about passing on Los Angeles. 

"We are in the best place in the world for American football. It's right here in Dallas, Texas," Jones said. "That's shown by the interest there is in the high school football, which is something completely different relative to the social and the cultural aspect of it, but then our support of the college game and then of course of the Dallas Cowboys. There's no place like this. This is the best place in the world for football."

Everything definitely seemed to work out for Jones. Not only did he help Rams owner Stan Kroenke get his team to L.A., but Jones got to keep his team, which is worth an estimated $5 billion, and if you believe Jones, the team might even be worth $10 billion

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