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Florida tight end Kyle Pitts is widely considered the top tight end prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft, and one of the best tight end prospects in recent memory. He's a candidate to go as high as the No. 4 overall pick, potentially being the first non-quarterback off the board. 

So it made sense when a couple weeks back, it was reported that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is "infatuated" with Pitts. Just about the entire NFL is infatuated with him and what a player of his talent could potentially add to an offense. 

On Wednesday, though, the Cowboys gave us a sneak peak into exactly how infatuated their owner really is, when they released a video snippet of Pitts' virtual meeting with Cowboys brass. Jones was effusive in his praise for Pitts' talent, and could barely contain his excitement at the potential of having Pitts on the Cowboys.  

"Boy, I'll tell you what -- I'm excited to have you come into this league, and man, what a pair up we could do with ole Dak Prescott and some of these guys that we've got out there with options to get you the ball," Jones said. "So we can dream of visions of sugar plums around here."

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The Cowboys are widely rumored to be interested in a defensive player with their No. 10 overall pick; but as we saw last year when they took CeeDee Lamb rather than a defender when the wideout unexpectedly fell into their laps, the Cowboys are unafraid to simply take an elite talent if he's sitting there waiting for them when they come on the clock. 

For what it's worth, because Pitts plays in the SEC, he competed against two players who are potential targets for Dallas at that No. 10 slot: Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II and South Carolina cornerback Jaycee Horn. And Pitts identified Horn as the toughest defensive back he played against in college. 

"I would say Jaycee Horn. That was one of the best DBs I went against. It was someone that, you know, we're good friends," Pitts said. "We compete a lot, and you know, throughout the whole game, that wasn't somebody who just, I wouldn't say gave up, but just let up. Me and him were talking the whole game, talking trash to each other, but still competing at the same time. So that's someone who's good at — he has great fundamentals and great speed, so you got to work to beat him."

It would not be at all surprising if one of those three players end up in Dallas, though Pitts certainly seems the least likely of the trio, much to Jerry's apparent chagrin.

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