Although the biggest officiating controversy of Championship Sunday took place in New Orleans, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also has some questions about a controversial call that was made in Kansas City during the Patriots' 37-31 win over the Chiefs

With just under nine minutes left to play in the fourth quarter, Julian Edelman appeared to muff a punt return, which ended up being recovered by the Chiefs. 

Although the original call on the field went in favor of the Chiefs, the call was overturned after review with the officiating crew ruling that Edelman never touched the ball, which allowed the Patriots to keep possession.

Here's a closer look at the play. 

According to Jones, the play should have stood as called on the field since there didn't appear to be enough evidence to overturn the decision. 

"The call on the punt, whether he touched it, you can never get it right, because it was called on the field as a touch and then later, you couldn't see an angle that he definitely touched it," Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "But the rule says you're supposed to go with the call on the field if you can't see an angle that he didn't touch it. I don't know if you can get everything [right]."

The point Jones was trying to make is that an overhaul of the replay system isn't guaranteed to work since replay doesn't necessarily guarantee that every call is going to be correct. Jones saw one of those plays in person in January 2015, when Tony Romo's 31-yard pass to Dez Bryant was ruled complete on the field, only to be overturned after replay. 

According to Jones, in situations where you can't tell for sure what happened, you should stick with the official's call. 

"At the end of the day, it's the official's call and you live with that," Jones said. "You depend on the integrity of the official, not necessarily his ability to make every call right or wrong. You assume that, and rightfully so, that there are no biases, and he's just trying to make the right call. That's part of sport."

Fortunately for the NFL, Edelman's punt return didn't turn into a major controversy because the Chiefs ended up getting the ball back two players later after Tom Brady threw an interception. 

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