Jerry Jones thinks Josh Brent can bring new perspective to game

It's still unclear when the NFL will reinstate Josh Brent. (USATSI)
It's still unclear when the NFL will reinstate Josh Brent. (USATSI)

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is on record saying that if the NFL reinstates Josh Brent -- who served six months in jail after he was found guilty of intoxication manslaughter -- the franchise will find a roster spot for him.

On his radio show, via the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Jones expanded on why he still believes in Brent and why his prison time ultimately will help him.

“When you, on Monday, are given a roll of toilet paper, and it’s got to last you until next Monday, that’s a lesson of discipline,” Jones said. “That’s a lesson of life. That’s what happened to Josh. When you have someone next door to you that grabs your plate of food and you weigh 340 pounds, but you don’t mess with him. He just looks at you, because you know that guy doesn’t care if you live or die, that’s a life experience. I think there’s a chance that Josh Brent may come out here and have a perspective that none of us have seen before, especially from Josh.”

Brent hasn't played a game since 2012, and it's unclear if he still has the talent to play in the NFL. But despite the fact Brent's car accident killed Dallas teammate Jerry Brown, the Cowboys organization -- and Brown's mother -- have been supportive of Brent and the continuation of his career.

Jones then invoked the name of Chad Hennings when talking about Brent.

“I do know that when someone goes through life-changing experiences, that’s what we like to think football does for young men, but [Brent has] had that experience,” Jones said. “He’s had that experience. He deserved that and some people think he deserved more, but the point is he has been through some eye-opening days. We could really benefit from that as a football team.

"In a totally and completely different way, and I’m going to make sure everybody understands it is a completely different way, if you understand what I’m saying, Chad Hennings joined the Dallas Cowboys and he had actually flown in Desert Storm single-pilot jets. Had actually had a crash in single-pilot jets. Chad Hennings had developed a discipline and developed a work ethic that made him a man among boys, and he was a major contributor technically [and] physically, but boy, was he a contributor being an example of work ethic and an appreciation for the job you’ve got. It’s a shame that all athletes to some degree can’t have some of these life experiences and really have an appreciation for what a great opportunity it is to play in the National Football League. But Josh has had that, I think.”

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