Jerry Jones: 'We weren't going to count on getting any stops'

Jerry Jones concedes that the Cowboys' defense has been decimated by injuries. (USATSI)
Some are calling Sunday's loss to the Packers one of the worst in Cowboys history. Wherever the latest predictable fourth-quarter collapse ranks on your list of predictable fourth-quarter collapses, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Tuesday that the defense went into the game working from the premise that Green Bay's offense -- even with Matt Flynn (!) replacing Aaron Rodgers -- was unstoppable.

“We weren’t going to count on getting any stops as we went into the ballgame," he told 105.3 The Fan. "That’s not being negative, that’s just a strategy. As the game unfolded and we got a lead and we were stopping them, then we adjusted. What happened when we came back out frankly, we probably had to be shown that they were going to be able to score almost at will -- which they were in the second half.”

That's understating it a bit. Flynn, who has been released three times since last season, led the Packers on five consecutive second-half touchdown drives. That spectacle was enough to force the Cowboys, who led 26-3 at halftime, to abandon the run game and put the ball in Tony Romo's hands.

After Romo's two interceptions late in the fourth quarter, coach Jason Garrett conceded that "We should've run the ball more in the second half, there's no question about that."

Not surprisingly, Jones took a different view.

“With us not being able to stop them, we didn’t want to give them the ball back,” he said. “Frankly, when they would score, I wanted to answer them. I was for the aggressiveness that we showed in the half."

And without linebackers Bruce Carter and Sean Lee (who could miss the rest of the season), Jones said: “Make no mistake, with where we our with our personnel, we’re going to have to take risks.”

On Sunday, taking risks blew up in their collective faces, and now the Cowboys face the very real possibility of missing the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

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