Jerry Rice says the Pro Football Hall of Fame needs to leave out Eli Manning

Eli Manning hasn't even retired yet, but there's already plenty of debate about whether or not the Giants quarterback belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

Although multiple players who are currently in the Hall of Fame believe that Manning will join them one day, Jerry Rice thinks Manning should be left out of Canton. 

During an interview with 95.7 the Game in the Bay Area this week, Rice was asked if he thought Manning was a Hall of Famer and he didn't hesitate with his answer. 

"No," Rice said. 

Not only did Rice shoot down Manning, but he then threw his support behind another quarterback who's still playing. 

"I don't see Eli as a Hall of Famer. Drew Brees, I do," Rice said. 

The argument for Manning to be in the HOF is pretty simple: Not only has he won two Super Bowls, but he was named the MVP of both games. Not to mention, Manning currently ranks among the best in NFL history in multiple passing categories. Including his numbers from Week 10, Manning ranks sixth all-time in passing yards (52,247) and completions (4,658), and seventh all-time in touchdown passes (350). 

Of course, not everyone is impressed by those numbers and Rice believes that people get too caught up in them. 

"I think so," Rice said. "Because when I'm judging a player, I'm looking (at) what he brings to the table. What I see with Eli Manning, there's not consistency."

That lack of consistency from Manning is also evident in his numbers. Over the course of his career, Manning's record is barely over .500 (113-110) and he also ranks 14th in NFL history with 234 interceptions. 

If Rice had a Hall of Fame vote, it sounds like he would give it to Brees or anyone but Manning. 

"Yes, he has two Super Bowls, but then you look at Drew Brees and what he has accomplished and all of that," Rice said. "I think in yardage now he's the leader. He's doing great things for that team, and that team is getting better as they go. You can tell he's a great leader and he makes everybody around him better."

Although Rice doesn't think Manning deserves a spot in the Hall, he does realize that the selection committee might end up voting him in. 

"There's a chance of him getting in, but I'm not going to say he's a true Hall of Famer," Rice said. 

The good news for Manning is that Rice doesn't get a Hall of Fame vote. As for Manning's candidacy, it looks like we'll have at least six more years to debate it. Manning won't be eligible for the Hall of Fame until 2024 at the earliest, but that's only if he decides to retire after this season. A player has to be retired for five full seasons before he's eligible for induction. 

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