Jets ask for free-agency advice on Twitter, get it (and then some)

On its face, the tweet was innocuous enough, an innocent attempt to interact with a beleagured fan base. But when you consider recent history, it's just the latest evidence that the Jets are, well, a laughingstock.

The team that traded for Tim Tebow 12 months ago and will pay Mark Sanchez $8.25 million in 2013, has taken to Twitter to solicit personnel advice ahead of free agency.

Predictably, this went over about as well as the Occupy Tebow movement from two seasons ago. Some responses, for your enjoyment:

This is something we can all, ahem, get behind (shows self out).

Pretty sure there's no lap band for this...

Good news, Branman, Greene will be mall-walking somewhere other than for the Jets next season!

Seems drastic. This might have better results:

So there you have it. The people have spoken.

There were other, more serious tweets too, mostly about keeping Darrelle Revis and LaRon Landry, and upgrading just about every position on offense. Luckily, the Jets aren't just relying on Twitter for their offseason needs. New offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg also has plans for Sanchez and Tebow (assuming he isn't cut in the coming weeks or months).

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