Jets DE Mo Wilkerson on playing Patriots: 'We're going to be 2-0'

If Muhammad Wilkerson does this to Tom Brady, the Jets might take down the Patriots. (USATSI)
If Muhammad Wilkerson does this to Tom Brady, the Jets might take down the Patriots. (USATSI)

The spirit of Joe Namath seems to be alive in the New York Jets. Or at least in Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson. During an interview on WFAN-FM in New York on Monday, Wilkerson said his team beat the Patriots

"We're going up to Foxborough and get this win," Wilkerson said, via Newsday. "We're going to be 2-0."

It wasn't exactly a Namath-like guarantee, but Wilkerson does seem pretty confident that the Jets can go on the road and beat New England. That's apparently what a win over Tampa Bay will do for you. 

"I'm not saying I'm guaranteeing it, but I'm saying if we do our jobs and follow our game plan, I don't see why we wouldn't be 2-0," Wilkerson said. "We had a good game plan in the first game and we won, so why wouldn't I feel that way for this game? I'm here with these guys every day and I see all the hard work that myself and everybody else on this team is putting in."

Also, all that bad stuff you've heard and read about the Jets? Wilkerson's read it and heard it too and he says that's giving him extra motivation. 

"Radio, family, Internet, social media, everything, I hear it all the time from friends, family, everywhere," Wilkerson said. "People from around my area, I hear it all over. It's not like it gets me mad. I just smile and go on about my business, but I keep it in my head and that gives me extra motivation out there."

Wilkerson won't have to wait long to see if his prediction comes true. The Jets and Patriots kick off on Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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