Jets expect to have Sheldon Richardson back during Week 5 bye

The NFL has given the Jets no indication that any additional suspension is looming for troubled defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson. The team anticipates Richardson returning to the active roster Monday and having him back in the building for practices and meetings during their Week 5 bye week. Richardson would play in the Jets' next game, Week 6, sources said.

Richardson’s current suspension is for violations of the NFL’s drug policy. While already facing that suspension, he was arrested for resisting arrest, allegedly speeding at over 140 mph with a 12-year old relative in his car, smelling of marijuana and having a fully loaded automatic weapon in the car, according to the police.

Richardson clearly faces additional significant discipline from the league for that matter, and has a court date later this month. For now, the NFL’s only statement on subsequent penalties is that Richardson’s case “remains under review,” but it could well be until late in the season or after the season when the NFL hands down another suspension.

The Jets expect to get Richardson back soon. (USATSI)

Internally, the Jets are bracing for a suspension of 10 games or more given Richardson’s prior transgressions and the fact that a minor was involved in this latest incident, but the team has no direct or indirect knowledge from the league as to what will be forthcoming. Historically, though, these matters can tend to carry over into the following season, and given the lack of any communication by the league to the contrary, the team is moving forward as if it will have Richardson’s services starting next week.

Richardson emerged quickly as one of the game’s bright young defensive linemen after being selected in the first round in 2013. The Jets’ priority following his drug suspension was on his health -- seeking counseling and help for his substance abuse issues -- and will work with him to try to continue down that path once he is allowed to report back to the club next week.

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