Jets GM John Idzik on picking starting QB: I'll have a big role

Jets general manager John Idzik said he'll have a 'pretty big role' in choosing the starting quarterback. (USATSI)
Jets general manager John Idzik said he'll have a 'pretty big role' in choosing the starting quarterback. (USATSI)

Jets coach Rex Ryan isn't going to have to pick the team's starting quarterback all by himself, he's going to have some help from first-year general manager John Idzik -- and apparently it's going to be a lot of help, too.   

"My role? Well, I have a pretty big role in that," Idzik said when asked about the starting quarterback decision, via the Associated Press. 

"When you look at who's going to play, Rex and I are going to talk about that freely," Idzik said. "And I like to believe that that has been the case so far, that if you put in that time and effort, when you make the decision, it's a 'we' decision. It's not one individual. It’s not someone drops the gavel and does something counter to what the Jets want to do. We’re all pulling the same direction." 

It won't just be an Idzik and Ryan decision either, Idzik plans on involving almost every offensive mind on the coaching staff. 

"It’s a collaborative effort, guys," Idzik said, via the New York Post. "There’s input from our offensive staff. There’s input from our scouts. There’s input from, of course, me and Rex. We sit down and talk about this on a daily basis. I think when we reach the culmination of gathering all that stuff, deciphering it and making the decision that it’s not a surprise."

So remember, if the Jets starting quarterback struggles this year, don't just blame Ryan. You can also blame Idzik, the offensive staff and the team's scouts.

Of course, if Geno Smith looks anything like Russell Wilson during training camp -- Braylon Edwards sees some similarites -- then the decision should be an easy one.  

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