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The Jets continue to limp towards what could be a winless season, but ownership has yet to send any signals that a coaching change is imminent and there is no internal push to this point to relieve Adam Gase of his duties.

There is every expectation within that organization -- including among numerous members of Gase's staff itself -- that they will not be back with the Jets in 2021, sources said. "They're not being naive about that," said one coach who had had private conversations with numerous members of the Jets staff. But owners Chris and Woody Johnson have not given any indications that they are dead set on making an in-season move.

With no fans in the stands and the pandemic altering the landscape of all professional sports in a way previously unimaginable, there is not the same degree of fan backlash that would be on display in a normal season. The visuals on game day are very different and the optics of having fans chant for firing on holding up signs or wearing bags on their heads is not there.

Also, while no one would say it publicly, the Jets organization as a whole would love to secure the first-overall pick and the rights to select Trevor Lawrence, seen as one of the best college prospects and someone who may be able to duplicate what rookies like Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are doing this year. Sam Darnold then becomes a trade chip to accrue more draft capital, turbocharging the rebuild process.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," is how one league source who had spoken to confidants with the Jets described it. "If it takes 0-16 to get Lawrence, then do what it takes."

There is no reasonable projectable outcome, with the Jets at 0-9 as they face the Chargers today and with the rest of the schedule filled with teams that are currently 6-3 or better, that would result in the franchise not making a coaching change at some point, sources said, but this game with a 2-7 opponent is not do-or-die for the staff.