Jets produce hype video for rivalry game vs. Patriots, spell rivalry wrong

There's a big 'rivarly' game in New England on Thursday night. (Jets)
There's a big 'rivarly' game in New England on Thursday night. (Jets)

The Jets are pretty excited about their Thursday night game against New England and we know they're excited because they made a 72-second hype video telling us how excited they are about the team's rivalry with the Patriots.

As you can see at the top of the page though, someone in the proofing department got a little too excited. For the record, 'rivarly' isn't actually a word. But it could be one now if we want it to be. Maybe it could be a synonym buttfumble?

Anyway, the Jets eventually noticed the mistake and they actually had a sense of humor about it. 

Speaking of the buttfumble though, the Jets might not have a sense of humor about the fact that the Patriots tweeted out a picture of that game for Throwback Thursday.  

With all this trash-talking, this figures to be a hot 'rivarly' game, so make sure to turn your television to CBS by 8:25 p.m. ET on Thursday to catch the kickoff.

You can read's preview of the game here. 

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