Jets QB coach jokes he'll castrate Matt Simms if he salsa dances again

It's probably in everyone's best interest for Matt Simms to cut out the salsa dancing. (USATSI)
It's probably in everyone's best interest for Matt Simms to cut out the salsa dancing. (USATSI)

Maybe Saints tight end Jimmy Graham should pipe down about the oppressive regime that is the NFL trying to squash his ability to have fun.

Yes, Graham is out $30,000 for dunking the football over the crossbar -- twice -- during a preseason game, but it could've been worse. Like if he played for the Jets -- and not for the obvious reasons that he would, you know, be playing for the Jets.

During the fourth quarter of Friday night's Giants-Jets game, Jets backup quarterback Matt Simms threw what would otherwise be considered a meaningless touchdown pass. But it wasn't meaningless to Simms and he used the occasion to celebrate.

Technically, Simms didn't break any NFL rule but we're all better off without having experienced the impromptu salsa homage to Victor Cruz. And that includes the referee who could only drop his head in disbelief midway through Simms' jig.

“The ref just looked at me and started shaking his head, he was like ‘C’mon man, really?’ So, I couldn’t help it, was like ‘Sorry’ and kept walking by,” Simms said after the game.

But the Jets' quarterbacks coach was slightly more passionate about never wanting to see Simms busting a move:

Either that or Simms can choose to to work on the Wall.

Hilariously, this is the same Matt Simms who was fined last preseason for his six-shooter touchdown celebrationMichael Scott-style.

Okay, maybe the NFL is an oppressive regime. 

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