Jets QB Mark Sanchez receives death threats via Twitter

Sanchez's five-turnover effort resulted in death threats. (US Presswire)

Last January, the 49ers' Kyle Williams received death threats via Twitter after he muffed a punt and lost a fumble in the NFC championship game loss to the Giants. On Monday night against the Titans, after the worst outing of Mark Sanchez's NFL career, the Jets quarterback also had his life threatened, again through Twitter.

The difference: the Jets circus has been rolling from one NFL town to the next all season. Unlike San Francisco, New York is an awful team and has been for months. And while Sanchez is culpable, he isn't the only issue facing the Jets going forward. But you don't find common sense and reasoning in an unhinged Twitter tirade, which is exactly what a fan going by @BraveGrancru provided in the hours after New York's 14-10 loss to Tennessee.

The tweets went on like that for a while, although @BraveGrancru later admitted to USA Today's Mike Garafolo (by direct message, of course), "I do not want to harm Sanchez or do intend to. I'm just a Die hard Jets fan that was mad and got carried away."

Fine. But threatening to kill someone, particularly in light of recent events, is a far cry from chucking your television out the window because the sight of Sanchez trying to throw a football sickens you. 

But the story has taken on a life of its own; Garafolo writes that the NFL is aware of the situation, although @BraveGrancru said that he hasn't been contacted by the league or the Jets. Meanwhile, just about every national site and sports blog has written about the threats. @BraveGrancru called the coverage "crazy," and offered this when it was announced that Sanchez had lost his job: "YESSSSSSSS !!! THATS ALL I WANTED. THANK GOD."

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