Jets QB Michael Vick is paying $10,000 to wear No. 1

Michael Vick is paying $10,000 for his new number. (USATSI)
Michael Vick is paying $10,000 for his new number. (USATSI)

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When it comes to jersey numbers, apparently Michael Vick likes to spend money, but he doesn't like taking advice.

The new Jets quarterback announced on May 2 that he's going to wear No. 1 in New York, but it's not going to come cheap. Vick's publicist announced on Monday that the quarterback will be paying $10,000 to wear the number that's being sold by Jets punter Ryan Quigley.

However, there's one catch: The $10,000 is being donated to charity.

"I looked at the available numbers and thought I would go with No. 8 for my new start with the Jets. It just didn't look right. I didn't feel right," Vick said in a statement, via "I started talking with Ryan about No. 1. I think it's great that Ryan was willing to change as long as it was for a good cause. I loved his idea."

Quigley's only scheduled to make $495,000 in 2014, so why in the world would he not take the $10,000 for himself you ask? Because he's a nice guy.

"Most of the time in the NFL if a veteran requests your number, you work out a financial agreement between the two players," Quigley said. "I was not interested in the money for myself. I wanted to find a way to help some others."

The next time Quigley sells his number, he may want to let teammate Jeff Cumberland handle the negotiations. Back in early April, Cumberland sold his No. 87 to Eric Decker for $25,000 -- and a steak dinner

As for Vick, this $10,000 transaction should finally end his number drama in New York. Vick was originally going to wear No. 3 or No. 8, but he couldn't decide, so he asked his fans. 

His fans voted 27-7 in favor of No. 3, but Vick decided to do the opposite of what his fans wanted and he went with No. 8 before dumping eight and buying No. 1 off of Quigley.

Just to be safe, you should buy all three jerseys, that's what the NFL would want.  


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