Jets' Rex Ryan regrets making Super Bowl guarantee

'I think if it gave an opponent fuel to the fire then obviously that was a mistake.' - Rex Ryan (Getty Images)

Rex Ryan likes to talk. This is no secret. In fact, you could almost set your watch (assuming people still wore them for non-decorative reasons) to his annual proclamations about this being the year the Jets would win the Super Bowl.

He wasn't far off his first two seasons in New York; in 2009 and 2010, the team made it as far as the AFC Conference Championship Game. Things fell apart in 2011, however; the Jets ended the year on a three-game losing streak, including an embarrassing Week 17 loss in Miami that left them at 8-8 and out of the playoffs.

Days later, Ryan vowed to fix his team, and despite the disappointing finish, he sounded as confident as ever about the Jets' immediate future.

“I plan on getting another [Super Bowl ring], and I plan on getting it quickly,” he said in February.

After taking a few months to reflect on his tenure in New York, and perhaps more specifically, how the Jets have fallen short in each of his three years, Ryan sounds as if he'll measure his words carefully going forward. Theoretically, anyway.

During an appearance on ESPN New York with Michael Kay, Ryan was asked about the guarantees he had made in previous seasons.

“I don’t know what I accomplished out of it," Ryan said via "I think if it gave an opponent fuel to the fire then obviously that was a mistake. If it put undue pressure on our team then that was a mistake. Certainly I didn’t wanna do it, I wanted to put -- coming off back-to-back championship games all that’s left is the Super Bowl. And I thought by guaranteeing that, it would put the arrows on me.

"Now granted it did, but it also put arrows on our players and I didn’t want that. If it was gonna come down, it would come down on me only. That was what I thought would happen, and that didn’t happen. It was shot on some of our players and obviously shot at me as well, where it should have been. But it wasn’t directed at me, and I think that was my mistake by saying what I said.”

Translation: Mark Sanchez was an innocent bystander caught in the cross(bow)fire. So, naturally, the Jets traded for Tim Tebow.

Which brings us to this: no Jets-related conversation would be complete without the obligatory Tebow name-check, so here you go: Ryan offered up a variation on an answer we've all heard a million times about Tebow, NFL Quarterback: "He’s had his moments where he’s looked really impressive and there’s other times when maybe the defense has had a better day.”

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