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The relationship between New York and Philadelphia is not always a good one, with a rivalry that is particularly apparent in sports. New York Jets wide receiver Denzel Mims has strong opinions on the city of brotherly love, and spoiler alert: it's not a feeling of love. 

Mims, a second-round pick taken No. 59 overall, doesn't appreciate the feeling Philly gives and often the fierce, energetic and outspoken people of the city. Things like climbing telephone poles after winning a Super Bowl don't appeal to everyone I guess. 

The 22-year-old was asked a question about what he thought of Philadelphia while on a live stream of Call of Duty and gave a very honest answer.

The 2020 Jets draft pick said:

"I didn't like that dirty-a--, trash-a-- city."

I guess East Rutherford, New Jersey is more his speed.

Mims has discussed Philly before while on the Inside the Birds podcast saying, "I wasn't familiar with the whole city, and it was a lot going on. You see a lot of people that look scary. I'm not part of that, I don't like that. I had a bad experience, you could say, going up there that first time."

He said he was "very scared" while there.

The rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and Jets may not be the most intense in the NFL or even for the Eagles (see: Dallas Cowboys), but I don't think Philadelphia will be that welcoming whenever New York comes to town.

The two teams don't meet frequently but were scheduled for a Week 4 preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field. The NFL is shortening the 2020 preseason due to the coronavirus pandemic, so there's a good chance Mims misses out on visiting his favorite city this year.