Jets WR Braylon Edwards sees some Russell Wilson in Geno Smith

Braylon Edwards sees a little bit of Russell Wilson in Geno Smith [pictured]. (USATSI)
Braylon Edwards sees a little bit of Russell Wilson in Geno Smith [pictured]. (USATSI)

As a member of the Seahawks during training camp last year, Braylon Edwards had a front row seat to the Russell Wilson show. Edwards watched as Wilson earned Seattle's starting quarterback job over veterans Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson

Now with the Jets, Edwards is watching another rookie quarterback -- Geno Smith -- trying to win a starting job and Edwards says he sees some similarities between Wilson and Smith.  

"Russell was a maniac when it came to studying film, breaking down film and asking questions," Edwards said, via "Russell was a beast at that. That's what I see potentially in Geno, how he comes in the huddle, how he asks questions in meetings. He's right there with Mark [Sanchez]."

Although Edwards has only been a Jet for three days, that's been enough time for him to formulate an opinion on the team's quarterback competition. 

"It's going to be a battle," Edwards said. "It's one where Mark can't make mistakes like he has in the past, things have to be legit with Mark for him to be the starter on opening day. He has a legit guy knocking at the back door."

That legit guy is Smith and if Smith has the type of preseason that Wilson had in 2012, Sanchez can probably expect to spend the 2013 season on the bench. 

"He's not here happy to be in the NFL, he's not happy to be backing up Mark Sanchez. He's here to start," Edwards said of Smith. "He has that attitude. You can tell a leadership quality about him that's in there. Obviously he's waiting to be more proficient before it comes out. It's in there and it's pretty exciting."

Edwards would probably know exciting when he sees it in a rookie. Over the past four years, Edwards has played with several rookie quarterbacks including Sanchez in 2009, Colin Kaepernick in 2011 and Wilson in 2012. Obviously Kaepernick wasn't the 49ers starter in 2011, but it's probably safe to say Edwards saw him play a few times in practice. 

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