Zach Wilson became a college football and NFL draft sensation while rocking No. 1 at BYU, but he'll be wearing a different number for his first season in the pros. The Jets' top first-round pick arrived at rookie minicamp this week wearing No. 2, and barring a last-minute change, he's prepared to enter 2021 with the new single digit -- in part because it represents his journey to the league.

"Mixing it up, doing something new," Wilson explained, per "I like any single digit number and I think it's kind of cool that I was the second pick. I think that's a cool reason to switch it up."

The Jets haven't officially announced rookie jersey numbers, and Wilson added that he's technically still deciding whether to stick with No. 2, but he told reporters he'll "most likely" ride with it for his first season. Both No. 1 and No. 2 would officially be available to him.

Before wearing No. 1 at BYU -- where he drew national acclaim for his 43-touchdown junior year -- Wilson had a No. 11 jersey, which he donned for his freshman season. If he keeps No. 2 with the Jets, he'll be just the third starting QB set to wear the digit in 2021, alongside the Falcons' Matt Ryan and the Colts' Carson Wentz, who just switched to No. 2 from No. 11 this offseason.