Jim Irsay offers update on injured Andrew Luck, who's been in Europe for a month

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has now been in Europe for more than a month as he continues to seek treatment on his injured shoulder. 

Although he's been out of the country for more than four weeks, Colts owner Jim Irsay says that we shouldn't take that as any sort of sign that there's been a setback in his recovery. During an interview with NFL.com this week, Irsay sounded optimistic about about where Luck is in his rehab. 

"He's doing great," Irsay said. "He's doing well. [We're] disappointed obviously it's taken as long as it's taken. You know, medicine and the way it goes. But there hasn't been any unusual setback. We didn't find out anything ominous, something we didn't know about or anything like that. It's just taken time for him to go through his whole aspect of rehabbing and progressing and working through the soreness."

Of course, when Luck says his quarterback is doing "great," there's no way to know if that actually means he's doing great. Back in June, Irsay said that Luck's recovery was going "tremendously." Two months later, the Colts owner said that Luck would likely only miss one or two games. That prediction turned out to be slightly off because, instead of one or two games, Luck is going to miss the entire season after being placed on injured reserve on Nov. 2

Luck has been out of the country since mid-November when he headed for Europe to seek treatment on his injured shoulder. Although Irsay expects Luck to return to the U.S. at some point in the near future, he couldn't give an exact timeframe on when his start quarterback might return stateside. 

"He's still in Europe but he's coming home very shortly," Irsay said. "No additional surgery at this point planned."

The Colts quarterback hasn't played in a game since December 2016, and now he won't be back on the field until September 2018 at the earliest, which will be a full 20 months after he originally underwent shoulder surgery in January.

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