Jim Irsay on Colts: 'We could be 6-0 if the ball bounces a little differently'

As Bill Parcells once famously said, "You are what your record says you are." And for the Colts, that works out to two wins in six games, which is good for last place in the NFL's worst division. But according to owner Jim Irsay, this group could very easily be undefeated.

In comments supporting the two men responsible for the mess -- general manager Ryan Grigson and coach Chuck Pagano -- Irsay suggested that the Colts have been unlucky. It's worth pointing out that, in January, after months of speculation that Pagano, Grigson or both could be fired, Irsay gave them contract extensions.

"Of course, we are disappointed,'' Irsay said Tuesday, via the Indianapolis Star. "That being said, I feel confident that we have the right group of leaders, of guys -- the quarterback, head coach, general manager. I feel confident we have those pillars in place and through time, it will show. ...

"I have patience and nothing has changed,'' Irsay continued. "When I made the decision in January, it was a decision that was well thought out and a long-term decision. Both of the guys have accomplished a lot in their careers. We could be 6-0 if the ball bounces a little differently."

In related news: According to Football Outsiders, which measure each team on a per-play basis and compares the results across the league, the Colts rank 28th overall (21st on offense, 31st on defense). That seems more in line with the eyeball test than any suggestion that the Colts could have a winning record, let alone be undefeated.

Back in September, days before the start of the season, Irsay explained why he brought back both Grigson and Pagano, despite personality clashes that marred 2015.

"...[B]oth have matured," the owner told the Star at the time. "I'm banking in the investment of what I put into Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson. There's been a lot of time, money and many hours of investment and conversations and mentoring and talking to these guys, and that's what I'm banking on. ... Ryan and Chuck are closer than ever and more understanding of each other's positions than ever. They're giving each other more room to operate. It's a great working relationship and yes, it's grown."

And with a few breaks, the Colts would be 6-0.

Back on Earth, the Colts are underdogs against the Titans this weekend.

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