The Indianapolis Colts are a mess, having just coughed up a huge lead late against the rival Houston Texans and now facing a potential do-or-die game against the Titans this week. The man getting most of the heat is GM Ryan Grigson, who hasn't provided talent much around star quarterback Andrew Luck.

The Colts should be panicking, but Jim Irsay claims he's not. Irsay, in an interview with Jarrett Bell of USA Today at the owners meetings in Houston, said he thinks Grigson is unfairly criticized.

"The heap of criticism that has fallen on Ryan Grigson, it is so unjust," Irsay said. "No one bothers to see what the accomplishments have been the first five years."

Grigson has had some decent moments as a GM. It's hard to give him credit for the selection of Andrew Luck, though, since anyone with a single brain cell and/or Matt Millen would've managed not to screw that up.

Bill Barnwell of ESPN did a nice job of looking at Grigson's run as GM -- the reality is that Grigson hasn't done a good job building talent around Luck to protect his superstar quarterback. T.Y. Hilton, Dwayne Allen, Donte Moncrief and Philip Dorsett are nice pieces, but it doesn't matter if Luck is on his back.

The defense is a bigger problem, and it doesn't revolve around Luck's contract. It stinks because the Colts have whiffed on lots of draft picks in recent years.

Even with the lack of talent, Indy could have a better record. They should've beaten the Texans and could've beaten the Lions. It's why Irsay thinks a couple of lucky breaks and they're sitting at 6-0.

"We could be 6-0 right now if the ball bounced our way," Irsay said.

Maaaaaaybe. It's way more likely the Colts could be 0-6. They should've lost to the Chargers. They totally could've lost to the Bears. They're not a very good football team right now.

Most of that falls on Grigson, even if Irsay prefers to try and deflect the attention.