Jimmy Garoppolo leapfrogs Tom Brady in top jersey sales, Eagles have two QBs in top 10

The 2018 NFL season is still a ways on the horizon, but the hype surrounding a bunch of rookies and some other potential breakout players has resulted in a surge in jersey sales for some young, upcoming players around the league.

Giants rookie running back Saquon Barkley topped the list of most jersey sales over the early part of the offseason, according to the NFL Shop, but it's 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo who might be the biggest winner, as he managed to leapfrog over former teammate Tom Brady.

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The Patriots quarterback, who is still the reigning MVP, checks in at No. 4 in most jersey sales from April through mid-May, but Jimmy G, the dashing young would-be franchise quarterback set to participate in his first full season as a starter for San Francisco, checks in at No. 2 overall. 

It shouldn't be surprising, perhaps, that Garoppolo jerseys are flying off the shelves; he's getting an inordinate amount of hype this offseason. Vegas has pegged the 49ers over/under in 2018 at 8.5 wins, which would be a massive leap for a team that had just a single win before inserting Jimmy G as the starter. Garoppolo promptly ran the table, winning all five of his starts down the stretch, injecting life into the 49ers roster and fan base, prompting people to spend the offseason noting he's never lost and comparing him to Brady.

Special shoutout to Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey -- who happens to be the highest-ranked defensive player, checking in at No. 17 on the list -- for stepping up and hitting the brakes on this out of control freight train.

Also notable from this list are the pair of Eagles quarterback on the list -- both Carson Wentz (No. 3) and Nick Foles (No. 6) check in on the NFLPA's top sellers through the middle of May.

This might be even more surprising than seeing Jimmy G threaten the top spot. Garoppolo is at least a new guy for the 49ers and people are literally buying in on his potential success as a first-year starting quarterback in San Francisco. It's the same logic as seeing Baker Mayfield (No. 5) and Sam Darnold (No. 7) on this list. They're young, they're new and people are excited about seeing them on the field full-time.

For Wentz and Foles, we're talking one guy entering his third season in the NFL. People have been able to buy Wentz jerseys forever. Foles is a freaking backup quarterback. But it might also be a bump coming off the franchise's first-ever Super Bowl win. With Philly rolling through the playoffs and taking the Lombardi Trophy, the city of Philadelphia and the Eagles fan base are riding ridiculously high. They're willing to invest in the team and Wentz is QB1. Foles is the Super Bowl MVP and a folk hero in Philadelphia right now -- he's out in the streets signing books and telling people he is perfectly fine sitting on the bench and helping Wentz develop into a superstar.

Backup quarterbacks are always the most popular guys with a fan base, but Foles is the most popular guy for completely different reasons.

Also interesting on here is Marcus Mariota at No. 8. I don't really get it, unless Titans fans are just trying to hype up a new coaching staff and think that Mariota could be headed for a breakout.

Seeing a bunch of Cowboys on the list is hardly a shock, but it's amazing to see them all clumped together. Dak Prescott (No. 9), Ezekiel Elliott (No. 10) and the recently-retired Jason Witten (No. 11), who won't ever be wearing a Cowboys jersey on the field again, are all in lockstep.

A bunch of other young quarterbacks, or quarterbacks on new teams, are on the list as well. Kirk Cousins (No. 15) is getting Vikings fans enthused about the coming season, Josh Allen (No. 16) is the most popular guy on the Bills and Mitchell Trubisky (No. 18) is getting the Mariota treatment as well, with people hyped to see him under a new coaching staff.

Derek Carr (No. 20) also made the list, so maybe the new coach bump is real. Lamar Jackson (No. 22) is breathing down Joe Flacco's neck on the field, but blitzed past him in terms of jersey sales.

The only other defensive player joining Ramsey on the top 25 is Richard Sherman (No. 25) and his new 49ers jersey. It's just further proof that the excitement surrounding the 49ers is very much real. 

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