Jimmy Graham is going to have to find a new touchdown celebration. (USATSI)
Jimmy Graham is going to have to find a new touchdown celebration. (USATSI)

The NFL is infringing on Jimmy Graham's ability to enjoy himself on the football field. Specifically: The new rule prohibiting players from dunking the ball over the crossbar means that Graham's signature touchdown celebration now comes with a 15-yard penalty and a hefty fine.

Undeterred, Graham scored twice in the Saints' Week 2 preseason game against the Titans, and twice slammed the ball over the crossbar. He was twice flagged and subsequently fined $30,000.

Despite knowing about the rules change, Graham said Saturday that the sanctions were "steep" and added that the league has made it so "you can't really have fun anymore."

This isn't a revelation for anyone who has been following the NFL for more than a few years. There actually used to be a time when players could celebrate touchdowns together (GIF via Extreme Skins):

Players could even go to the ground and, if they so chose, do the worm:

 Then there was Randy Moss' "disgusting act" of pretending to moon the Lambeau Field faithful (pretty sure that in today's NFL you can no longer use your ass as a prop).

This is all Terrell Owens' fault, of course. Back in a 2002 game, he pulled a Sharpie out of his sock to sign a football seconds after crossing the goal line.

So yeah, Jimmy, get used to it. The NFL wants everything but the football to bore you stupid.  (Though, to be fair, the no-dunking rule is because Graham has previously knocked the crossbar off-center. In that sense, it's annoying and a waste of time). Upside: With the league cracking down on illegal contact and defensive holding, Graham could smash his previous best for receptions (99), yards (1,310) and touchdowns (16). Just remember: Don't try to enjoy yourself while you're doing it.