Jimmy Graham on Seahawks' D: They 'grab and hold as much as you can'

Jimmy Graham was impressed with the Seahawks' defense. (USATSI)
Jimmy Graham was impressed with the Seahawks' defense. (USATSI)

It's certainly not original to suggest that the Seahawks' defense -- and the secondary, in particular -- has mastered the art of holding would-be receivers. Former Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride suggested as much last month when he told the Wall Street Journal, "If you think they're going to be called (for defensive holding or pass interference) and expect that to be the solution to the problem, you're going to be sadly mistaken. They've perfected the art."

Saints tight end Jimmy Graham echoed similar sentiments Friday.

“They’re the type of team that they’re very, very aggressive,” he said during an appearance on Mike and Mike in the Morning, via PFT. “I think they teach, ‘Listen, they’re not going to call the (pass interference), so just grab and hold as much as you can.’”

Hey, it ain't cheating if you don't get caught.

Of course, former VP of Officials Mike Pereira said in January that he thinks the current officials' inconsistency with enforcing the rules has made it easier for the Seahawks' secondary to manhandle opponents without fear of flags.

"They look at it and say, 'We may get called for one but not 10,'" Pereira said.

Call it whatever you want but the reality is that, in the Super Bowl, Seattle's defense dominated one the the best offenses in NFL history. And that was a recurring theme for much of the previous four months, too. Graham did concede that during their NFC divisional matchup, the Saints were "caught off guard" with just how fast and physical the Seahawks were. (Other than some pre-game gum-flapping, Graham was a non-factor.)

And don't expect much to change; Seattle will try to re-sign Michael Bennett in the coming weeks, and expect the rest of the unit to look pretty much the same in 2014.

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