J.J. Watt is actually human, gets pancaked by Panthers lineman

When Panthers quarterback Cam Newton connected with Ted Ginn Jr. for a touchdown against the Texans on Sunday, the most impressive aspect of the play might've gone unnoticed. It wasn't Newton's throw, a perfectly lofted ball to Ginn in the corner of the end zone. And it wasn't Ginn's route, a fantastic spin move that lost the defensive back.

Instead, it was right guard Trai Turner's blocking on superhuman sack machine J.J. Watt.

Just when it looks like Watt is going to bull rush Turner straight into Newton, he's suddenly pancaked by Turner.

Say what?

Watt still ended up recording one sack against the Panthers, but still.

J.J. Watt is human after all.

J.J. Watt didn't have his best game against the Panthers. (USATSI)
J.J. Watt proved human for one play against the Panthers. (USATSI)
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