J.J. Watt laments elbow trouble from last year, says he's healthy now

Watt said all of his elbow tendons were torn before last season. (AP)
J.J. Watt said all of his elbow tendons were torn before last season. (AP)

You want to hear something that will scare the bejesus out of you this Thursday morning? Texans defensive end J.J. Watt -- the reigning NFL defensive player of the year -- performed last season at something less than 100 percent.

You might recall (though I completely forgot) that Watt dislocated his elbow early last training camp. Though he didn’t miss any regular-season action, he acknowledged Tuesday that the elbow bothered him during the season.

“In the beginning, it definitely affected me,” Watt said on “Texans All Access,” via the team’s official Website. “All the ligaments in there were torn. They were all gone. So they had to have time to recover and regroup. So, obviously, I wasn’t at full strength. The [arm] brace helped a lot, but it was more of a mental thing, getting over the thought process of knowing that it was injured and making sure that I could still have confidence in it.

"As the season went on, I got more and more confidence in it and, obviously, it didn’t hinder me too much; I had some success out there. But [I’m] looking forward to a 100-percent full healthy season.”

Jeez, all of his ligaments were torn? Sounds painful, and yet somehow, Watt managed to record 20.5 sacks and bat down just about every pass that an opposing quarterback tried to make.

Even worse news for those opposing quartetbacks? Watt said his elbow feels “great” and that he’ll be completely healthy for 2013.

And -- oh, yeah -- he feels he can improve, elbow injury aside.

“There’s a couple sacks that I missed where I need to get the quarterback down,” Watt said. “There’s a couple things in the run game that I want to clean up a little bit as far as like sometimes playing double teams and things like that. And then my pass rush -- my pass rush can still get so much better, just working on a combination of moves, working on setting up moves and different things like that.

“There’s a lot to my game that I can improve on, and I’m really looking forward to making that next step this year.”

Opposing quarterbacks, you have been warned.

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