Joe Flacco on Ray Lewis' leadership comments: 'Ray knows better'

Ray Lewis is quick to praise his own leadership.
Ray Lewis is quick to praise his own leadership. (USATSI)

Now that Ray Lewis has transitioned from NFL linebacker to NFL analyst, he's free to cut loose with the opinion making. He did just that on Tuesday, pointing out that a lack of "leadership" on the Ravens caused Jacoby Jones to get hit in the head by a stripper with a champagne bottle.

This logic serves as nothing more than a humblebrag; Lewis denounced the loss of guys like Ed Reed and himself  while pointing out that the Ravens are "missing leadership right now." Unsurprisingly Joe Flacco wasn't very impressed with Lewis' analysis.

I'm on #TeamFlacco here. You should be too. It appears Terrell Suggs, who said the Ravens "have a lot of leaders on this team," is on board as well.

Ray Lewis is a Hall-of-Fame linebacker and probably the greatest Ravens player to ever wear the uniform. He might just be the greatest linebacker of all time.

But the minute Lewis retired the Ravens didn't suddenly become an anchorless ship, adrift among a sea of champagne bottle-wielding sirens hell bent on crashing that boat against the rocks.

Ray Lewis being on the Ravens roster wasn't going to magically prevent Jones and Bryant McKinnie from getting on that bus.

Besides, half of the stuff that Lewis was screaming and dancing about in the locker room didn't even make sense.

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