Former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann has some advice he'd like to share with everyone: Never get a woman's name tattooed on your body because you'll probably end up regretting it.

The 66-year-old doesn't usually offer tattoo advice, but he did this week when the subject of inking your body came up during an interview he did with the Brown and Scoop podcast on CBS Radio's

In case you haven't been keeping up on your latest NFL tattoo news, here's what you've missed recently: Sometime in the past month, Robert Griffin went out and got a new tattoo on his arm, a tattoo that quickly became news because it features the name of his new girlfriend, Grete Sadeiko.

RG3 has an interesting new tattoo. USATSI

Many people thought it was a little weird that RG3 got the tattoo considering the fact that he's still technically married. The Browns quarterback is in the process of getting a divorce from Rebecca Liddicoat, his wife of three years.

If you're married and thinking about getting a tattoo with another woman's name, waiting for the divorce to go final is probably the smart route to go, but that's not what RG3 did.

Although Theismann didn't learn about RG3's tattoo until his interview on the Brown and Scoop podcast, he definitely had some words for RG3 after he found out.

"I knew Robert, and his wife and his daughter when he was here. I just found out yesterday that I guess he's separated," Theismann said. "I don't know anything about, you know, putting a tattoo. I always try and warn people when you put a tattoo of a woman and you put a tattoo of a man on your body, or if it's a man and you put a tattoo of a woman's name on your body, probably not the best thing in the world to do at some point in time because if you find another [girlfriend], she's not gonna appreciate the other [woman] tattooed all over your body."

Theismann also added that RG3 probably should've waited until he was single to get the tattoo.

"You're not even divorced yet," Theisman said. "If you look at Robert's history of things occurring in a rapid fashion, that's the way he's been."

That being said, Theismann doesn't seem to think the tattoo is going to jinx RG3. The Super Bowl XVII winner thinks RG3 is going to do just fine in Cleveland.

"I think he has a chance to be successful," Theismann said. "I've always believed the quarterback position is the single-most dependent position in football. Robert has to learn how to work out of a pocket. He just has to stay healthy."

If RG3 wins a Super Bowl with the Browns, everyone in Cleveland will support every tattoo decision he makes for the rest of time.