Joe Vitt wonders if NFL evidence 'has been falsified or tampered with'

Vitt's finally starting to speak up for his players. (US Presswire)

Joe Vitt issued a bold statement Wednesday in which he said he's willing to take a lie detector test and also claimed allegations against him are 'completely untrue.' Later that day, he made an even bolder statement, questioning whether or not the NFL's evidence "has been falsified or tampered with."

Vitt, speaking to Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, questioned the process for NFL punishment (and appeals) and wondered if NFL evidence 'has been falsified or tampered with.'

"There's gotta be some concerns from the league's standpoint and anybody's standpoint about the authenticity of any of these documents. I think that's a huge concern," Vitt said. "It looks like that document has been falsified or tampered with. What kind of credibility do they have if they take documents like that and show it to players?"

Vitt also ripped the process by which the NFL metes out punishment, pointing out that it doesn't really fall under the same standards applied for "due process" based on American laws.

"The bylaws of the National Football League supersede the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights," Vitt said.

This is correct, but primarily because the bylaws of the NFL are collectively bargained by owners and the union. However, that doesn't prevent parties involved from eventually getting to court. And Vitt doesn't think if that happens, that, according to Triplett, "a lot of accusations will hold up."

One of the bigger accusations we've seen in the NFL's evidence includes the alleged money that Vitt contributed to a bounty fund. But apparently Vitt has been cleared by Roger Goodell on that front, despite the continued existence of said evidence.

"[Vitt] said Goodell confirmed to him that he didn't ever suspect Vitt of contributing money to any bounties or to the team's pay-for-performance program," Triplett writes.

And Vitt also maintains in his interview that the Saints players are innocent of maintaining any "bounty system."

"I stated from Day 1 to investigators -- and I hope they took good notes -- our players have done nothing wrong. Nothing wrong," Vitt said. "Our players never crossed the white lines with an intent to injure anybody."

The NFLPA believed -- and expressed as much to the league before the players' appeals -- that certain witness (including Vitt, Gregg Williams and others) "fear[ed] retribution" if they spoke out in favor of the players.

Which is why it's good to see Vitt doing just that in the past 24 hours or so. If he continues to do so, and it leads to more Saints coaches and more witnesses offering up their version of what happened behind the scenes, it'll only serve to shed more light on the most important thing here: the truth.

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