Joe Vitt's lawyer David Cornwell calls Gregg Williams a 'rogue coach'

On Thursday afternoon, the Saints wrapped up their various staff appeals with Commissioner Roger Goodell and afterwards David Cornwell, the attorney for Saints assistant head coach Joe Vitt, said that Goodell was "very receptive."

Cornwell, per, also classified Gregg Williams -- who's audio before a playoff game made a big splash on Thursday -- as a "rogue coach," and cited that audio as another example of the coach doing things his own way.

Additionally, Cornwell released a statement which "obtained."

"Coach Joe Vitt and I met today with Commissioner Goodell, Jeff Pash, Adolpho Birch, and NFL security for about an hour and a half," Cornwell said. "Coach Vitt wanted to meet face to face with the Commissioner to take full responsibility for certain matters while taking the opportunity to make clear that despite inflammatory language and irresponsible conduct, New Orleans Saints' coaches did not coach and Saints' players did not play to injure their opponents. We thought the discussion was productive and informative -– so, we achieved our objective."

It'll be interesting to see how Goodell handles the appeals process. The "rogue" defense is something we've seen plenty of in college (John Blake, recently of UNC, was given the same description) but it's believed that Goodell has more information about how the bounty program was known throughout the Saints organization.

And Goodell's jurisdiction in this process works much differently than a college institution. And it's become quite clear that he's not interested in tip-toeing around with any punishments.

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