John Elway 'doubtful' that Brett Favre could make a comeback

The St. Louis Rams might be interested in Brett Favre, but Brett Favre isn't interested in the St. Louis Rams and that's a good thing, at least according to Broncos Executive VP John Elway, Elway doesn't think Favre could make it through an entire season. 

"I'm sure Brett’s in good shape, I'm sure he could probably go out and play a couple series and throw the ball as well as he ever has," Elway said, via "But I'm very doubtful that he could make it through a 16-game schedule."

This is exactly what we don't need right now, someone saying Favre can't do something, because then Favre will just do it to prove that person wrong. Plus, Favre wouldn't even have to play an entire 16-game schedule because after Week 8, there's only nine weeks of the season left.

Either way, it doesn't sound like the 44-year-old Favre is planning a comeback, "It's flattering, but there's no way in hell I'm going to [comeback]," the Ol' Gunslinger said during a radio interview on Thursday

As for Elway, he thinks he has the arm to make a comeback, but the 53-year-old says his body couldn't handle it. 

"I can sling it, I just can’t get hit," Elway said. "That's the hard thing about playing in this league when you play for a long, long time is the body goes before the mind. And I think that the older you get when you're playing, you feel like you get better because the fact that the experience helps you so much and the knowledge of the game helps you so much. What we don’t realize is that the body doesn’t go along with the mind. The body goes in the other direction."

So to rehash: Elway's not coming back. Favre's not coming back. Jeff Garcia wants to comeback and no one's called Vince Young or Tim Tebow. 

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