John Fox checked into Charlotte hospital under 'Johnny Drama'

John Fox checked into a Charlotte hospital under the name 'Johnny Drama.'
John Fox checked into a Charlotte hospital under the name 'Johnny Drama.'(USATSI)

Broncos coach John Fox finally returned to the sidelines on Sunday after four weeks away from the team due to surgery on his heart. And while Fox was gone, he cooked up a little ... drama.

Figuratively speaking anyway. Fox, per the Denver Post, checked into a Charlotte hospital under the name "Johnny Drama."

That's the name of Kevin Dillon's character in the old HBO show Entourage, which is now being made into a movie. And it got Jerry Ferrara, a.k.a. Turtle, pretty excited.

Parker did confirm the report with a Broncos spokesman. The question is whether or not this is Fox's standard pseudonym. Because, really, it's not a very good one. (The only thing that would be worse is "John Fox.")

It draws attention to whoever's using it and most people would probably perk up at the sound of it. On the other hand, maybe whoever was taking the reservation, etc., would get the "joke." Or the hospital was in on it, knowing that checking him in as "John Fox" would draw plenty of attention.

I still prefer Ron Mexico

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