Johnny Manziel finds time to get a huge tattoo while riding a private jet

Johnny Manziel hasn't really been using his right arm to throw a football lately, so apparently he's decided to do something else with it: He's turned the arm into a tattoo canvas.

Manziel topped off his wild weekend in New York on Tuesday night by getting a tattoo that almost takes up his entire right arm, and because this is Manziel, he didn't get the ink done at a tattoo parlor, he got it done on a private jet.


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You can see below what Manziel's arm looked like back in March, just days after the Browns released him.

All Kinds. @rafael_valdez

A photo posted by Johnny Manziel (@jmanziel2) on

Anyway, Manziel has made one thing clear over the past few months: He loves to spend money. Not only has the former Browns quarterback been flying in private jets, but he also stayed in a Las Vegas hotel room that costs about $25,000 per night.

It's very possible that Manziel's heading back to Vegas after spending Memorial Day Weekend in New York. It was a wild weekend for Manziel, who went missing, but didn't really go missing (He was supposed to meet friends and family for a "small party in the Hamptons." When he didn't show up for a helicopter ride, people got concerned).

Getting a tattoo on a private jet is basically par for the course when it comes to things that Manziel has been doing since being released by the Browns on March 11.

Here's a small list of what Manziel's been up to recently.

And all of this has taken place in just in the past two months.

If Johnny's missing football he doesn't seem to be showing it.

Johnny Manziel has a new tattoo. Instagram/jmanziel2
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