Last week, Johnny Manziel's father Paul said that his son is "a druggie," and that it's no secret at this point that he has a problem. Paul also said that jail is probably the best place for Johnny to be right now.

Johnny himself, obviously, does not agree. Apparently he thinks the best place to be is a luxe mansion in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Manziel went on an Instagram spree on Tuesday in which he showed off his arm, trolled his father, and let everyone know that it is still very much "LIT."

Middle of the afternoon, Manziel throws a football into a basketball hoop:

Got that @iam_objxiii luck

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A bit later in the afternoon, Manziel takes a picture on the edge of the pool, overlooking the entire city from his high vantage point:

Johnny is wearing a Josh Gordon jersey, for some reason, and talking about a comeback in his Instagram caption. Not sure whether he's referring to Gordon's comeback or his own. Of course, the post would not be complete without the "#hiDad" hash tag. Because the appropriate response to your father admitting to the world you have a drug problem and should be in jail is always a trolling hash tag.

Still later in the day, Manziel made sure everyone knew how LIT it still is down in Cabo. You can check out the video here but here's your warning that the music in the background contains NSFW language.

The home Manziel is partying at, according to For the Win, costs $3,900 a night to rent in early July, and includes four bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and that pool.