Johnny Manziel tweets out cell number, Twitter reacts

Johnny Manziel is going to need a new number for that iPhone. (USATSI)
Johnny Manziel is going to need a new number for that iPhone. (USATSI)

As everyone on Twitter knows, the first rule of Twitter is, "Never get your direct messages mixed up with your tweets."

If you're not on Twitter, direct message are private messages meant for one person while tweets are the messages that go out to all of your followers, which brings us to the second rule of Twitter: Never mess up the first rule of Twitter.

Johnny Manziel broke both rules on Friday. The Browns quarterback accidentally tweeted his phone number just before 7 p.m. ET. Well, it's not definitely his phone number, but it probably was because the voicemail box filled up in about five minutes and the number was disconnected less than 15 minutes later. 

As you can imagine, Manziel accidentally tweeting out his number went over well on Twitter. We're not going to publish Johnny's number here, so sorry for that, but we are going to show you how everyone reacted on Twitter. 

This might end up being a popular idea with the ladies.

I'm not going to completely discount this theory. 

We probably shouldn't completely discount this theory either.

Here's a list of people who actually called Johnny. 

Then, there are people who actually feel bad for Johnny.

The lesson here? Don't give Twitter your phone number. 

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