Jon Gruden on reported $100M deal: 'I don’t have a guarantee to be alive for 10 years'

The Oakland Raiders held a monster press conference on Tuesday to introduce Jon Gruden as their newest head coach. Gruden signed a 10-year contract to replace Jack Del Rio as the head man in charge, and it was clear from the wide smiles on the faces of everyone on the stage that this hire is, as Mark Davis would call it, "a big f----in deal." 

Also big: that aforementioned 10-year contract Gruden signed. It's reportedly worth... 100 million dollars. Gruden was asked about the deal several times during his press conference, and let's just say his answers were interesting. Regarding the length of the contract, Gruden noted that there's no guarantee he's even alive to see the end of the deal. 

Of course, the length isn't as big a story as the money. $100 million is a nice, big, round number. Gruden could barely contain his smile as a reporter quoted the reported figures and asked him about it, then flat-out denied knowing the terms of his contract at all. It was a hilarious lie. 

Maybe Gruden really doesn't know the terms of the deal, though, because apparently one of the big factors that drove him to take a job with a team that's moving to Las Vegas soon was his love for the city of Oakland. 

It's either that, or Gruden, who hasn't coached since 2008, has undergone so little change since that point that he's just entirely unaware that the team is moving at all. 

Whatever the case, Gruden certainly appears happy to have landed in Oakland. And happy to be making a whole lot of money. And the Raiders appear happy enough to have him doing both. 

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