Jon Gruden rips social media after Tunsil video, says stay off Twitter

Laremy Tunsil had the weirdest draft-day experience in NFL history. But despite a bizarre video showing the former Ole Miss left tackle spoking marijuana through a gas mask posted to his Twitter account minutes before the 2016 NFL Draft got underway, he still went 13th overall to Miami, and there are reports that the Jets were trying to get him before that.

So, the lesson?

"Man, it was a mistake," Tunsil said moments after he was drafted. "It happened years ago. Someone hacked my Twitter account. I don't know who it was." I'm going to show everyone what type of person I am. Things happen for a reason and I'm glad to be here."

But for Super Bowl-winning coach and ESPN NFL analyst Jon Gruden, there's another lesson: Stay of Twitter.

"This whole thing makes me sick," Gruden said emphatically. "If you're a young kid out there, put away your Twitter accounts if you want to be a pro football player."

NFL Network analyst and former NFL general manager Charley Casserly said pretty much the same thing.

"I trained over 150 players this year for the combine, and one of the things I said to them was that social media does you absolutely no good. It can't help you, it can only hurt you. I know [Tunsil's pot-smoking video] is old but it's social media."

Gruden and Casserly are right, but we also live in an age where video makes everything worse. If reports emerged minutes before the draft that Tunsil smoked pot several years ago -- but there was no video evidence -- no one would care. But the spectacle of watching Tunsil wearing a gas mask, and then removing it as smoke billowed out of it, suddenly raised all sorts of red flags.

The draft slide cost Tunsil more than $8 million, though the Dolphins seemed quite happy to land the left tackle.

"We're excited to have Laremy on our roster," general manager ChrisGrier said. "We're very comfortable with all the information we have on the situation. We've done a lot of work. We spent time with him at the combine. He's got personality tests, all the stuff we do. He loves football at the end of the day."

Jon Gruden is not a fan of Twitter. (USATSI)
Jon Gruden is not a fan of Twitter. (USATSI)

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