Jonathan Martin's 'murder' text to Richie Incognito was Internet meme

On Sunday morning, suspended Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito sat down for an interview with Jay Glazer of Fox Sports and said that a week before "all this went down" he received a text from Jonathan Martin saying "I will murder your whole effing family."

Sunday afternoon Martin's lawyer David Cornwell provided some context to that text, tweeting out what he says is the profanity-filled text Martin sent to Incognito. (Cornwell has the tweet on his page with a bad word. I've included a censored version below.)

This is VASTLY different from simply sending the words "I will murder your whole f---ing family" to Incognito.

The picture of the lady and the dog is a notorious Internet meme. It makes Incognito's  claim that he believed the communication was "coming from a brother" seem a lot less genuine than it did before.

"Did I think Jonathan would murder my family? Not one bit," Incognito said. "I knew it was coming from a brother, coming from a friend, coming from a teammate. That puts into context how we communicate with each other."

Martin still technically sent Incognito a text that said what Incognito claims. But what he portrayed in that interview and what Cornwell claims Martin sent are two totally different things. It doesn't help Incognito's credibility much as he tries to climb out of the hole he dug.

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