NFL: DEC 19 Bills at Broncos
Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

And the Academy Award for Best Actor goes to ... Josh Allen! In the midst of Buffalo's AFC divisional-round matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, the Bills quarterback showed off his acting chops, which helped him draw a roughing the passer penalty in the first quarter of Saturday's contest. The award-winning and critically acclaimed performance came on a first-and-10 play from the Baltimore 22-yard line. Allen dropped back to pass and ended up throwing the ball away. However, as he threw the incomplete ball while under pressure, he was tapped by defensive tackle Justin Madubuike. That's when the show began. 

After Allen released the ball and Madubuike tapped him on a rather light bang-bang play, the Bills quarterback was quick to flail his hands in the air and fall to the ground in an attempt to get the official to bite. He did and the Ravens were flagged for roughing the passer, moving the ball 11 yards down the field. 

Of course, the internet was quick to point out Allen's clear and obvious flop.   

Leonardo DiCaprio. Jack Nicholson. Tom Hanks. Josh Allen. 

While this play was clearly a gift courtesy of Allen's convincing performance, he does seemingly have the ability to get that call at a solid clip as his nine roughing the passer penalties during the regular season were the most of any quarterback this year. 

The football gods were able to factor in on this drive a little bit, however, as Buffalo was not able to reach the end zone and score a touchdown, despite the penalty bringing them to the Baltimore 11. Instead, Allen's flop was only able to produce a field goal.