The saga of Josh Gordon's potential return to the NFL is far from over. The Browns receiver, suspended for all of 2015, is still waiting on news from the NFL about his reinstatement.

According to a report Monday, Gordon failed another drug test recently, although Gordon seemed hardly concerned with the story.

The test in question was a diluted sample, not a full-blown positive per the report. So that clouds things a bit. 

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the NFL wants to see somewhere between two and three months worth of clean testing from Gordon before reinstating him. 

Presumably that begins this month, which means Gordon will have to spend the spring and summer passing drug tests with no red flags.

April, May and June would get Gordon to the 90-day window, which means he could be reinstated as early as July in this hypothetical.

That would put Gordon on track for a return in 2016 where he could actually help the Browns.

Don't rule out Josh Gordon just yet. (USATSI)

Gordon applied for reinstatement in January, so the process isn't exactly flying right along. At one point during his suspension he reportedly weighed 255 pounds and hit "rock bottom," although by all accounts he's doing better now.

The year-long suspension for Gordon was hardly his first run-in with the NFL's personal conduct policy. Gordon was initially suspended a year back in 2014 but had the suspension reduced to 10 games. He returned at the end of the season but was hardly effective.

He missed all of last season due to a suspension and is now reportedly hanging out/living with Johnny Manziel.

Banking on him returning at the start of 2016 is banking on history to cease repeating itself.